Thursday, 28 March 2013

27.03.13 - Electricals, plumbing, garage door . . .

A very busy week with tradies all over the place this week.

All lights, fans, powerpoints and switches are in, shelving in all cupboards, toilets, bath and finally we have a garage door and wow what a difference this has made to the look and feel of the house . . .

Almost ready . . . 

Kitchen and dining lights. . . 

Lounge room . . .  a simple LED light with a bit of bling. 

Simple bubble fitting with an old style Edison light globe. . . 

The beautiful Penelope looking elegant in the office . . . 

Garage door and external lights . . . 

Close up of our island bench lights, through the kitchen window . . .

Next week - lots of little things happening, then the following week the floors will be going in.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

22.03.13 - Benchtops & sinks are in - painting is happening . . .

The painters have been busy but are not exactly finished, maybe 1 or 2 days and they will be done. Our benchtops and sinks were all put in place during the week and they are all looking great.

Front door looking much better

Dining space painted, media room door is stained . . .

Fridge nook painted . . .

Pantry bench and sink in place, painting not quite finished but looking good already

Ensuite sinks are in . . . 
Media room - 1st coat of paint . . . long way to go!

Guest bedroom is looking great . . . 
Hall looking into bathroom . . . 
Bathroom sink in place and walls painted . . .

Painting should be finished by tomorrow. 
Electricians are in on Tuesday to do the lights, fans, powerpoints etc . . .

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

13.03.13 - Cupboards & Rainwater Tank are in!!

All the cupboards went in today . . . and they look great!!
Also the rainwater tank was set in place and plumbed in.
No pics of the rain water tank... doh!!





Powder Room 

Painting starts tomorrow!!!

Monday, 11 March 2013

10.03.13 - Tiling . . . done!!

Went out to the house yesterday (yep its a house now in my mind, not a building site) . . . and the tiler was there finishing off.
Met the Site Supervisor at the house today to go over a few things -

- kitchen, laundry, ensuite, bathroom, powder room cupboards all get fitted in tomorrow
- plasterer back in to finish off tomorrow
- painting of interior starts Wednesday.
- stone bench tops will be measued up this week
- kitchen splashback will also be measured this week

It's going to be a very busy week for the tradies, then for 2 weeks lots of little things happen.

First week of April flooring will be laid . . . then - it will be about 3 weeks before we get the keys!!

Ensuite tiling completed - the entire room is dark brown tiles, but in this pic it looks like 2 different colours (it isn't) when the light hits it. 
Ensuite tiles - they are actually a dark brown (the true colour is nothing like this)
This is better - shows the dark brown tiles 

Bathroom - vanity (true colour)

Bathroom - shower recess (true colour)

Powder room


All cupboards for the tiled areas are being fitted tomorrow . . .  excited - very much!