Monday, 25 June 2012

Our colours...

Now that I have added taps and doors, I thought I should add some colours...

Roof - Colourbond Woodland Grey

Exterior Walls - Thunderbolt

Window Trim - Dune

Window Frames -  Surfmist

Internal Walls - White Pepper 
Ceiling, doors and trims - Snow Drops 

As an example - our internal walls will be this colour, white pepper...something like this house (with surfmist window frames)
(pic borrowed from Homeone forum)

24.06.12 Preliminary Plans... and tapware & doors!!

Signed off on the Preliminary Plans today.
Apparently it will take 15 working days to get this finalised and contract ready to sign and send to Council. So it is looking like we will exceed our 150 planning days and possibly incur a late fee of $1k for every month exceeded. Not happy!!
But we are trying not to stress as there is nothing we can do about the Palerang Council taking 8 to 10 weeks to provide Development Approval (DA). A bit hard to understand why it takes a regional council 8 to 10 weeks when a city based council only takes 2 weeks!!
What the #^&*!!

Anyway on a brighter note... here are some pics of the tapware and doors we have chosen.

Gorgeous Phoenix - Nostalgia tapware series.


Shepherd's Crook hand basin taps... my favourite!

Shower mixer

But the kitchen sink is a (standard) monster... Technobili gooseneck - 

Our front door - Newington XN5 stained dark brown (not painted) 

All internal Doors will be Hume - HAG11 - white

Friday, 22 June 2012

22.06.12 Colour Schedule - tick!!

Today we finalised our colour schedule, to lock in all colours, fittings and finishing touches... at long last!!  Tick!!

On Monday we have our preliminary plans appointment to finalise and accept our floorplans and this will mean no more changes can be made.

THEN... hopefully all details will be consolidated into 1 contract and finally submitted to Council!

Fingers crossed the Palerang Council will have our application to build within the next week or so... then as mentioned previously, wait 10 weeks for the DA (Development Approval).

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Vinyl plank wood flooring...

Pictures showing the vinyl planks from my previous house... we are going with Gerflor this time in the Wenge colour... so a bit darker than this floor was. 
I loved these floors!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Exterior colours... example only.

I had a website recommended to me, that could be used to simulate what our exterior house colours could look like... and this is pretty close (can't change the colour of the patio with the simulator, it will be the same as the front door). Very happy!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

11.06.12 Colour appt - tick!

Wow!! We had our all day appointment to choose all our colours and fittings today... so much fun, hard work, stress and excitement.

We surprised ourselves and chose a few things that we didn't think we would, changed our mind about a few, stuck with a bunch of original ideas and we are very happy!

We have chosen 'woodland grey' for the roof and 'thunderbolt' for the exterior colour.
Dark wood garage door and front door, with dark floors (but not too dark). Off white window and door frames. A soft latte colour for interior walls, with white trims around doors, windows and architraves. So because of the dark floors, being the feature we have kept the kitchen simple -  off whites. A taupe/mocha colour glass splashback. Nice taupe colour wool carpet for bedrooms and living room. Charcoal for the media room (to go with the charcoal walls Michael wants to have). Taupe tiles for all wet areas... except the ensuite. We have a chocolate brown tile for the entire floor to ceiling ensuite with similar colour cupboards and vanity top. Same dark brown for the bathroom, powder room vanity and laundry cupboard. Hume HAG11 doors (5 vertical panels) throughout the house... very country.

These pics don't really show it off, but we know it will all look gorgeous (fingers crossed).

Next appt is in a day or 2 to check the final floorplans...

Taupe carpet  in bedrooms and living room, charcoal carpet for media room, 
brown tile for ensuite, taupe tiles for all other wet areas, 
medium brown planks for all other floors, 
white kitchen cupboards and benchtops, taupe splashback, white and dark brown shelves in pantry, 
dark brown cupbaords and bench tops in bathroom/ensuite/powder room/laundry. 
All internal walls painted white pepper.  

Woodland grey roof and gutters with surfmist facia, 
dark brown stain to garage door, 
dark brown stain to front door and wood trims around edge of patio roof and pillars, 
thunderbolt bag and paint all external walls and all down pipes, 
dune window trim, surfmist window frames