Thursday, 23 August 2012

10.08.12 Finally - we are listed on the council webpage - APPLICATION RECEIVED

No real news... except -

At long last we are listed on Palerang Council webpage as Development Application received!

Their date for application received (more like , finally got around to picking it up after having it for 1 week and assigned an application no. to it) is 10 August so by our calculations that means we should have approval by 3 October.

On 20 September we have our electrical appointment... then it will be just a few weeks before the first clump of soil is turned.

We are now contemplating whether or not to go ahead and start planting fruit trees up the back.

waiting waiting waiting... but it is all good.

Friday, 3 August 2012

02.08.12 Building plans lodged - now with Palerang Council

At last... received a message yesterday to say our building plans have been lodged with our council!
We made a call recently to council asking them a few questions and most specifically how long would the process take. It was comforting to know the process might only take 6 weeks (worst case scenario 8) instead of the anticipated 10.  So this is a positive.

This is exciting and now we just have to be patient, some more... and not lose sight of the end goal.

Another step closer.