Saturday, 24 November 2012

23.11.12 Windows are in and bricks are on site...

Windows are in and the bricks have arrived. 

Looking from the alfresco to the living room panorama window

Full length of the house, from one end of the house to the other

Monday, 19 November 2012

19.11.12 Frame - finished!!

Wow... our lovely next door neighbour sent us a pic of our finished frame.
Our Site Supervisor called to say the roof will now start and the bricks will arrive on site this week... the brick laying will start next Monday. They are flying along!

Friday, 16 November 2012

17.11.12 Frame - front & back. . . and our first light fittings!

We went out to see the house today, to see what the frame looks like. Got talking with the neighbours ended up spending near on 2 hours with them, chatting in their house (it's massive and gorgeous). Our house is 26 metres wide (including the garage) theirs is 40.5m wide. They need it they have 6 kids. Spent time with the 2 youngest boys today, Clayton (4) and Cooper (6 months) and hubby Greg was home today so we met him for the first time. Lovely family.

Front of our house from the street . . .

Back of our house . . . from next door neighbour's backyard. 

Our first light fittings:
Today we also went looking for light fittings at Recollections and found the perfect lights for the kitchen island bench and our bedroom. We have placed an order and paid (before we doubt ourselves and change our minds). We love both of these and think they are exactly what we were looking for. . .  and they were a great price - perfect!!

Island bench x 3 
($89 each)

Our bedroom 
(Discontinued stock - reduced from $189 to just $59

Final note... While we were looking at our house frame a ute pulled up, out jumped Glen the local excavator  who seems to be working with all the houses in the area. He has offered us his services. So we have a local to help sort out the 'landscaping'. . .  Brilliant!! 

A very eventful day today. . . really looking forward to moving (hopefully in 5 months time. . . April at the latest all going well). 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

15.11.12 Frame started today . . .

Received a message from our Site Supervisor to say the construction of the frame commenced today... very exciting!!

Friday, 9 November 2012

10.11.12 Steel frame and water tank... on site.

Don't get too excited, but the 'frame' has been delivered and so has the water tank. Hopefully the frame might start to go up next week.

Our frame has arrived...

Our watertank...

Monday, 5 November 2012

05.11.12 Slab - poured

We received a call from our concrete slab supervisor this morning asking us to come out to the site to confirm the location for the water tank... luckily we were not working today.
On arrival we were very pleasantly surprised to see the slab for the house was complete - poured yesterday!  Sure puts things into perspective...

                               Hubby knocking on the front door!

Just needed to confirm the location for the water tank. We had initially wanted it close to the back corner of the house, but being on site today and listening to the slab supervisor it is better to have it in the middle, we just don't want it towards the street front.

The blue marks indicate where the slab for the water tank will go.

Frames, windows and carpenters arrive tomorrow...

Sunday, 4 November 2012

01.11.12 Plumbing and Waffle Pods are in place

The plumbing and styro-foam waffle pods are in place... concrete slab will be poured over the next 2 days! 

The styro-foam waffle pods are in place... concrete slab will be poured over the next 2 days!
The frame and windows are arriving on Wednesday...