Thursday, 27 September 2012

27.09.12 It's official - we are on the Construction List

Wow what a huge week it has been... pushing and shoving all the final steps needed to finally be told 'congratulations - it's official you are on the 'CONSTRUCTION LIST'.

Fantastic news and what a way to start a long weekend!

All the hard work is done from our perspective... now we can just step back and watch it being constructed.
Should all commence sometime around 16th October-ish.

A massive thank you this week goes out to MJH NSW Customer Service Manager - you have been fantastic!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

13.09.12 Electrical Selections... TICK!!

Electrical appt went really well today. Very happy with all our selections and the way the appt was handled by MJH and we even had a 'hello' from Bill McDonald himself, walking through the colour studio.

We went 50/50 bayonet/downlights throughout. We asked for all downlights (inside & outside) to just be pre-wired. We think this has saved us heaps $$.
We also have outside lights just pre-wired, we know where we want lights but need to think about what fittings we want. Same with fans to alfresco, bathroom, ensuite and laundry, just pre-wired. 

Hubby's man cave (media room) is all wired up and bracketed for wall mounted TV and speakers. 

We went with all white Clipsal Slimline light switches. A strip of LED lights in the pantry for a bit of fun and more than enough double power-points everywhere.

That's it, plans/colours/elec/all approvals ... we are done! Next - construction, very soon... woo-hoo!   

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

11.09.12 Construction Certificate - TICK!

Construction Certificate was approved yesterday - woo-hoo!

Electrical appointment tomorrow and then - we are ready to go!!

This will put us on the construction list, for building to commence within 20 days... building site should be pegged very soon.

Next thing we will need to do is organise a truckload of gravel to be dumped on site as a makeshift driveway for the building site...

How exciting!!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

28.08.12 Development Application - APPROVED!!

BIG news today... we were notified that our Development Application (DA) was approved on 28 Aug... that means it took 18 days - to be approved by council!!
Not 8 to 10 weeks as anticipated, based on other DAs with our council and what we were told when we enquired with council. Woo-hoo!!

Next - Construction Certificate... this will take 5 working days.

We have moved our electrical appt fwd 1 week from 20th to 13th Sept.

THEN we will be ready to be listed on the construction list and then MJH must start construction within 20 days.

This is a miracle... less than 4 weeks!
There is a local council election looming, I wander if this has anything to do with it... to our advantage.

Very happy and excited now!

Soil might be turned 2 weeks from now. OMG!!!