Wednesday, 8 May 2013

02.05.13 - We're in - now the fun begins!!

We got our keys 1 week ago (where has the time gone) and we moved in the next day (Thursday 2nd May 2013) and our blinds were installed the same day and look fantastic... that final touch that brought a little tear to my eye. The TV was mounted in the Home Theatre next and brought a little tear to Michael's eye... we have had tradies on site everyday since, finishing things off. 
It's as though we have moved into a construction zone, especially outside definitely with backhoe and bobcat here everyday moving dirt for landscaping, digging trenches for ag pipes in preparation to capture rain water running down from the back of the property and take it away from what will be the outdoor living space across the back of the house, also digging getting ready for concreting the alfresco etc this weekend , but tradies coming and going inside... it's nuts! :::
BUT none-the-less happy to be in our gorgous MJH home.

Sadly, as much as MJH have been amazing and we looooove our house, we are finding things that are wrong and I guess you have to expect that there will be some little issues to a certain extent, but some leave you scratching your head and just hoping they can/will be fixed.
Our issues are:
- towel rack, hand towel ring, robe hooks in bathroom and loo paper holders were not attached when we did PCI and when received our keys, but finally someone was here tonight to put the final bits up for us.
- our ensuite/bathroom in-floor-heating doesn't work, it seems although everything is in place and we believed at PCI that it was all good, the electricians failed to connect it all up.
- the light in bedroom 3 doesn't work, electricians failed to make sure it worked before they left
- one of the external security lights constantly flickers on and off
- our laundry door has now bowed and can't be opened. :-/
- we are missing a deadlock from our internal garage door.
- lock to our linen cupboard door was not installed and we have a rectangle brushed chrome handle, but it was supposed to be a round shiny chrome handle/lock (need to be able to stop pets from thinking they can sleep in the linen cupboard).
- our hot water heater takes 4 to 5 minutes or running water to produce luke warm water at maximum heat, we simply can't wash our dishes in luke warm water, shower it just hot enough, hand basins are barely warm, apparently new hot water systems are capped at 50 degrees... but this is crazy if this is 50 degrees it isn't hot enough to wash anything. Also, we asked MJH to add in a temperature controller but it wasn't installed as it was suggested on site, that they are useless with water now capped at 50 degrees. :th: So much for being more efficient... I best be asking for a refund on that item!!
- our floors are damaged and marked from when the plaster was fixed and subsequently walls repainted and now it is looking like it needs to be replaced (this is stressing me no end).
- we are supposed to use rain tank water for the washing machine but the tap connections don't fit our hoses, so we have to use mains water until we can sort that out, and the mains water pipe to the washing machine SCREAMS when tap is on... something wrong with the pressure I am guessing... so just have to close the door for now until MJH can send someone to check it.
- the driveway rubble (the size of tennis balls) brought in by MJH hasn't been cleared away and there is still a pile of off cut wood and wire mesh sitting out front, supposed to have been removed before we moved in. We can't get our car up the driveway and I struggle to walk across it to get to my car and then come home in the dark and fight to stay up right. Hopefully this will be fixed by tomorrow night, so I am told!!

BUT... we are still extremely happy with MJH and especially our SS and will recommend them to everyone who is thinking of building.

Butlers pantry or tea/coffee and toast corner

Things where just dumped in the pantry but have now been sorted...
Very happy with our blind and the lights over the sink

Home theatre... happy hubby

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

30.04.13 - Our House is Finished!!!!!

Our beautiful McDonald Jones Home is finished (apart from the final exterior cleaning and a few minor fixable issues) and it is gorgeous!!

Wednesday - cat's are off to the cattery for 2 days of spa treatment and pedicures!
Our removalists arrive tomorrow morning to pack everything.
I will be at work, Michael at home supervising the packing.
In the afternoon the final-final inspection and we WILL receive our keys!!
(it was supposed to be yesterday)
All going well, we move the fish and fish tank in the evening - what a major production this is going to be...

Thursday - removalists are back to pick up and deliver to our new home!
Blinds are being installed in the afternoon.

Friday - concrete guy arriving for final measure and quote for driveway and alfresco.
There's something else we are supposed to do on Friday................ hhmmmmm!

Saturday - Foxtel and BBQ arrive, then a well over due haircut for me and we have a much needed dinner with friends!!

Sunday - if I can move after all that I might just make it to the lounge and relax and take in the countryside views from our living room window.

Busy busy busy... and exhausted and happy!!

Oops forgot... pick up the cats!!


Michael's man cave (media room)


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

17.04.13 - Practical Completion Inspection

It's official - our Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) is booked in for 10am Monday 22 April!!!   Very excited!!

PCI = 
the building works are complete except for minor omissions and defects that do not prevent the building works from being reasonably capable of being used for their usual purpose'.

We are armed and ready to check everything - PCI checklist, building tender, electrical plans, colour selection paperwork, other details/changes by emails - to check we have received everything we asked/paid for, spirit level, hairdryer, light globes, golf ball. We haven't engaged an independent inspector, but we have a copy of the checklist they use anyway.

So if everything is fine, we will possibly have our keys before ANZAC day!!

Our bank went out and evaluated the house yesterday... so hopefully they will be happy to make the final payment on time!

We are now busy getting quotes for fences and looking into decomposed granite/cement driveway and paths (instead of concrete).

Removalist is coming in tomorrow to estimate how many trucks they need to send to move us.

Busy busy busy!!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

09.04.13 - Fences - Gone !!

The builder's fences were removed today . . .

Very exciting. . .  1 day closer!

Friday, 5 April 2013

06.04.13 - Odds and ends and not much more . . .

This week the reverse cycle air conditioning has been installed. It's a huge external unit. 

       - ActronAir ESP Plus - 3 phase - 4 zones - 9 outlets

Plus, the Media Room and TV points and antenna are done, and speakers in the ceiling in the lounge, dining, master bedroom and the alfresco are in... 

Also had a visit from the site cleaner who will remove all building rubbish and move some of the soil around to finish off the building site. He has offered to bring in 2 tonnes of gravel to set up our temp driveway and remove some of the grass and weeds, he told us the scaffolding will come down week after next, then it can't be much longer after that for handover to occur... niiiiice!! 

Finally, this morning we had a 7.30am meeting (yes you read that right - 7.30AM) with our Garden Designer - so now we have a 'plan' for what we will do with the outdoor space, gardens, pathways etc... very exciting!!

As a side note - not sleeping very well lately, all the anticipation of waiting to be told when we can have the keys for our house etc is making me restless. 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

27.03.13 - Electricals, plumbing, garage door . . .

A very busy week with tradies all over the place this week.

All lights, fans, powerpoints and switches are in, shelving in all cupboards, toilets, bath and finally we have a garage door and wow what a difference this has made to the look and feel of the house . . .

Almost ready . . . 

Kitchen and dining lights. . . 

Lounge room . . .  a simple LED light with a bit of bling. 

Simple bubble fitting with an old style Edison light globe. . . 

The beautiful Penelope looking elegant in the office . . . 

Garage door and external lights . . . 

Close up of our island bench lights, through the kitchen window . . .

Next week - lots of little things happening, then the following week the floors will be going in.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

22.03.13 - Benchtops & sinks are in - painting is happening . . .

The painters have been busy but are not exactly finished, maybe 1 or 2 days and they will be done. Our benchtops and sinks were all put in place during the week and they are all looking great.

Front door looking much better

Dining space painted, media room door is stained . . .

Fridge nook painted . . .

Pantry bench and sink in place, painting not quite finished but looking good already

Ensuite sinks are in . . . 
Media room - 1st coat of paint . . . long way to go!

Guest bedroom is looking great . . . 
Hall looking into bathroom . . . 
Bathroom sink in place and walls painted . . .

Painting should be finished by tomorrow. 
Electricians are in on Tuesday to do the lights, fans, powerpoints etc . . .

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

13.03.13 - Cupboards & Rainwater Tank are in!!

All the cupboards went in today . . . and they look great!!
Also the rainwater tank was set in place and plumbed in.
No pics of the rain water tank... doh!!





Powder Room 

Painting starts tomorrow!!!

Monday, 11 March 2013

10.03.13 - Tiling . . . done!!

Went out to the house yesterday (yep its a house now in my mind, not a building site) . . . and the tiler was there finishing off.
Met the Site Supervisor at the house today to go over a few things -

- kitchen, laundry, ensuite, bathroom, powder room cupboards all get fitted in tomorrow
- plasterer back in to finish off tomorrow
- painting of interior starts Wednesday.
- stone bench tops will be measued up this week
- kitchen splashback will also be measured this week

It's going to be a very busy week for the tradies, then for 2 weeks lots of little things happen.

First week of April flooring will be laid . . . then - it will be about 3 weeks before we get the keys!!

Ensuite tiling completed - the entire room is dark brown tiles, but in this pic it looks like 2 different colours (it isn't) when the light hits it. 
Ensuite tiles - they are actually a dark brown (the true colour is nothing like this)
This is better - shows the dark brown tiles 

Bathroom - vanity (true colour)

Bathroom - shower recess (true colour)

Powder room


All cupboards for the tiled areas are being fitted tomorrow . . .  excited - very much! 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

20.02.13 - Doors are on . . .

It has been a busy week. Lots of phone calls and discussions about paint and tiles and carpentry and doors . . . the carpenter has put up the majority of the architraves, skirting boards, window trims etc and doorways are in and the doors have been hung, they still need to be painted.  But we think they are fantastic!

Front door . . .

BIR in Bedroom 2

Bathroom door and Laundry broom cupboard behind . . .

Bedroom 3 & 4 . . .

So the carpenter will finish soon then the tiler will start next week, followed by interior painting, then the kitchen goes in . . .  

Friday, 15 February 2013

15.02.13 - Bag and Paint . . .

Wow . . . we had a phone call from our painter today asking us if we had seem our house lately... 'no' ... 'well you best get out here and take a look, it is gorgeous'.
And it is indeed. We are a little (a lot) excited now!

Panorama pic of our gorgeous bagged and painted house . . . 

Front . . . love it!

Front door, to be stained same as wooden beams.

All our internal doors and door frames have arrived.
Panorama pic of the back of the house . . .

Next week - the internal painting will happen, final wood work fixtures, door frames and doors go in... then the tiling begins!