Friday, 5 April 2013

06.04.13 - Odds and ends and not much more . . .

This week the reverse cycle air conditioning has been installed. It's a huge external unit. 

       - ActronAir ESP Plus - 3 phase - 4 zones - 9 outlets

Plus, the Media Room and TV points and antenna are done, and speakers in the ceiling in the lounge, dining, master bedroom and the alfresco are in... 

Also had a visit from the site cleaner who will remove all building rubbish and move some of the soil around to finish off the building site. He has offered to bring in 2 tonnes of gravel to set up our temp driveway and remove some of the grass and weeds, he told us the scaffolding will come down week after next, then it can't be much longer after that for handover to occur... niiiiice!! 

Finally, this morning we had a 7.30am meeting (yes you read that right - 7.30AM) with our Garden Designer - so now we have a 'plan' for what we will do with the outdoor space, gardens, pathways etc... very exciting!!

As a side note - not sleeping very well lately, all the anticipation of waiting to be told when we can have the keys for our house etc is making me restless. 

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