Tuesday, 30 April 2013

30.04.13 - Our House is Finished!!!!!

Our beautiful McDonald Jones Home is finished (apart from the final exterior cleaning and a few minor fixable issues) and it is gorgeous!!

Wednesday - cat's are off to the cattery for 2 days of spa treatment and pedicures!
Our removalists arrive tomorrow morning to pack everything.
I will be at work, Michael at home supervising the packing.
In the afternoon the final-final inspection and we WILL receive our keys!!
(it was supposed to be yesterday)
All going well, we move the fish and fish tank in the evening - what a major production this is going to be...

Thursday - removalists are back to pick up and deliver to our new home!
Blinds are being installed in the afternoon.

Friday - concrete guy arriving for final measure and quote for driveway and alfresco.
There's something else we are supposed to do on Friday................ hhmmmmm!

Saturday - Foxtel and BBQ arrive, then a well over due haircut for me and we have a much needed dinner with friends!!

Sunday - if I can move after all that I might just make it to the lounge and relax and take in the countryside views from our living room window.

Busy busy busy... and exhausted and happy!!

Oops forgot... pick up the cats!!


Michael's man cave (media room)



  1. It looks amazing! Congratulations... Good to see none of that beading around the bamboo floors. Enjoy your new home.


  2. Looks great, we are about to build a Bronte also, any update after nearly a year in the house ?


  3. Can you share what you used (incl color) on kitchen splashback?